Demo Reel

A selection of scenes I animated for "The Amazing World of Gumball"  for the Cartoon Network, and "Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja" for Disney XD


Line Turn Arounds

Line turn arounds created for Telegael for 'HTDT'  Rough Sketch was provided.
Other work included Rigging, Colouring as well as Character and SFX  stock animation

Cartoon Saloon Layouts

Original sketch provided for Layout

Finished Layout



Danger Mouse

Check out the trailer for the show
I've been working on the last few months
 'Danger Mouse'




Here are recommendations from my time as a
BG/Layout Artist on 'Skunk Fu' with the Cartoon Saloon
and as an Animator on Season 1 of
 'The Amazing World of Gumball' with Boulder Media,
All other recommendations are available for viewing on my LinkedIn profile.
Link is at top of blog


Grumpy Cat

I was working on another piece for the Boulder Media Art Blog Cats Vs Dogs , but alas I never got a chance to finish it. I will post it here though when I get a chance.


It's a unicorn, I swear

Another Boulder Art Blog submission. This months theme was "Mythical creatures"



Created for the theme "Ghostbusters" for the Boulder Art blog
The whole thing was done in Photoshop


Really quick sketch this time, was sitting at the base of Nelson's pillar in Trafalgar square, and just as I began trying to draw the National Gallery it started to rain.

Another sketch while I was in London. This time at the Tower of London. They have some sculptures of different animals dotted around the place made out of chicken wire

A quick sketch I drew while taking a break from sightseeing.
Just outside the Natural history museum in London


Digital painting

This I created in photoshop. I started with just a quick sketch of an eye on a piece of paper, then I scanned it and imported it into photoshop. The most difficult parts to do were the skin tone and and the iris. It took me roughly a day and half to two days. Some parts are a bit rough looking like the outline around the iris, and the outline where the eye meets the bottom eye lid. Its a bit hard drawing things like this without a wacom and just using a mouse. I'll have to buy one soon